Norwescon Schedule

Having difficulty updating the main site, so here’s the info for this weekend (April 9-12) at Norwecon at the SeaTac Doubletree Hotel. This is where I’ll be for sure during Norwescon. If you can’t find me, check the bar/coffee stall:


Have Vampire Novels Jumped the Shark? 4:00 PM Cascade 7
Are there any cross-over vampire stories that haven’t been written?
Kat Richardson, Richelle Mead, Loree Parker


Writerly Friendship Noon Evergreen 3
What’s it like to start and maintain a friendship with another writer? How about rivalry? Collaboration? What part is played by professional admiration? How about by alcohol? Can only another ink-stained wretch really understand?
Richelle Mead, Donna Barr, Brenda Cooper, Kat Richardson, Mark Henry

You’ve finished. Now make it better! 1:00 PM Evergreen 3
The pains and pleasures, whys, wherefores, and (occasional) rewards of re-writes. Gosh, this is starting to sound like work!
Leah Cutter, Ted Butler, Kat Richardson, Lizzie Shannon


Autograph Session 1 11:00 AM Evergreen 1 & 2
Grab your books! Our Guests of Honor and many of our pros will be available for autographs.
R.A. Salvatore, Geno Salvatore, Todd Lockwood, Richard Baker, John P. Alexander, MH (“Maggie”) Bonham, L.J. Bothell, Ted Butler, Jeff Carlson, Greg Cox, Darrin Drader, Michael Ehart, Elton Elliott, Spencer Ellsworth, Roberta Gregory, Jeff Grubb, Warren Hammond, Paul Melko, G.David Nordley, Sean Reynolds, Kat Richardson, Ken Scholes, Jeff Sturgeon, Tiffany Trent

Reading: Kat Richardson 4:00 PM Cascade 3
Third Death of the Little Clay Dog – Harper Blaine Urban Fantasy Novella – Rated PG (well… maybe… I might be persuaded to read some of the new novel I’m currently proofing…. if you ask nice.)
Kat Richardson

I’m not entirely sure which parties I’ll be at, since I may need to head home and take care of the ferret, but I’ll try to show up to some.


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