Publication Comes Along on Little Cat Feet…

Imagine my surprise when I opened my new issue of Crimespree magazine today and found a story I’d sent them about… four or five years ago. I’d assumed the file had gone feral and escaped into the wilds of Milwaukee long ago to wreak havoc on unsuspecting tourists visiting the Harley Davidson Museum nearby but… no… there it is on page 24 of issue #29: “Pigeons” by Kat Richardson.

I have to admit it’s not my best, but it’s not totally stinking bad. Just a short story about a homeless woman (who might be a college researcher or might just be crazy) and the murder of pigeons, friends, and overripe tomatoes.  It’s not a Harper Blaine story, just a short mystery, but if you are in need of a quick Kat-fix, it’ll do. (And you might spot some characters who got updated and polished and turned up in Underground.)

What?  You don’t have your own subscription to Crimespree?  And you can’t find it on the newstand (because it’s a subscription-only publication unless you happen to know the right Mystery bookstores to pop into)?  But you can remedy that!  Sean Chercover is giving away subscriptions to this fine publication!  It says so right here at the Central Crime Zone! (and no, in spite of the date of posting, that’s not an April Fool’s joke.)  OK, yes… you have to take a photo of yourself reading Sean’s wonderful thriller Trigger City while you’re at work, but… aren’t you already reading that…?  (You should be: it’s fantastic!)


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Writer, editor, eccentric pain in the tail, bestselling author of the Greywalker novels.
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  1. -V- says:

    Damn the luck, I can read the book at work, but I can’t bring a camera into work with me….supersecretsquirrelscrap…..

  2. Jenna says:

    I’ve honored you with the Zombie Chicken Award. I hope you enjoy it.

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