Wrestling the Proofmonster

I’m 2/3 done with the proof of Underground’s mmp–the use of Jason’s dining table for 5 hours was much help. But I’m a touch annoyed to discover a punctuation error I noted in the original proof is still intact. Why ask me to proof these if my notes are ignored? This was not a major change or vanity–they used the wrong quote marks! Poop.

I had a lovely dinner and chat with Janna Silverstein afterward and I’m going to go to bed now…


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2 Responses to Wrestling the Proofmonster

  1. MichaelEhart says:

    Poop indeed! Somehow a word garble got proofed back in (if such a thing makes sense) to Servant. So fricking annoying, and of course the very first thing that my mom notices. “So important to proof, dear. You know you can’t trust them to get your work right.” AAAARG!
    Anyway, very excited about seeing you soon at NorWesCon!

  2. Yes! Can’t wait to see you and Rose! (and little one–who’s not so little now, I’m sure.)

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