Counting Sheep Will Never Be the Same…

With thanks to Lilith Saintcrow (from whose facebook page I cadged this) I give you Extreme Shepherding! (I didn’t know you could get sheep to do that….)


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3 Responses to Counting Sheep Will Never Be the Same…

  1. Jenna says:

    This is great. I’d sing the Pong part of the video earlier this week but had no idea what else they’d come up with.

    You’re right, counting sheep will never be the same again.

  2. -V- says:

    I am fairly certain the sheep are just along for the ride. The dogs and the herders are doing the work. This is way cool however it gets done.
    My favorite is the name of the ‘production studio’.

  3. hehehe… I think it’s pretty impressive whether it’s the dogs or the men or the sheep.

    And the “production studio” name is hilarious.

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