See Kat Whine….

I’m having one of the killer headaches again. Damn it. I just got the proofs for the mass market edition of Poltergeist back into the mail on Monday, hung out with Mario and Team Seattle on Tuesday for the end of the Paranormal Bender Tour, met Mark Teppo–who is very cool, shares my fabulous cover artist, and whose debut novel, Lightbreaker, I got to blurb for its release this month–and then spent yesterday and today cross-eyed with a sinus headache.

This is the second one in a month. The first one arrived to pester me just as the copyedits arrived and pushed that back a day or two. Now another has come visiting just in time to eat up my break between proofs. Is it any wonder I’m still sitting at 1200 words on the superhero librarian? bleh. I really want to write that, but I think it’ll have to wait until after Greywalker #5 since that’s the thing I get paid for and at the moment Grey5 is a big amorphous pile of notes and vague ideas tied to the leaden weight of Everything That Came Before. I have to sort that all out before I can write the ms. It doesn’t even have a title yet and I’m working on that problem, too. But not right this second. (ow.)

Luckily, the headaches last 48 hours (almost to the minute) so I should be fine after 10 p.m. tonight. (Please don’t tell me what I should be doing for them–I have a doctor I trust and I’ve already seen her.) Just in time for proofreading!


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  1. -V- says:

    {{HUGS}} wish it could be more.

  2. -V- says:


  3. it is. The headache finally left about 2 am this morning. Now I shall go pick up the mail, get the new proof and get that started before the weekend gets into full swing.

  4. -V- says:

    Glad the headache left your cranium even though it held out longer than you thought it would.

  5. Unfortunately, just in time for a new one coming on today. I’m hoping I’ve nipped it in the bud, but won’t know until tomorrow. Mold and pollen are killing me.

    I feel like I snorted a swimming pool full of water up into my head. Ugh.

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