St. Patrick’s Day (and I have no clean green anything to wear)

I figure that with a couple of humdinger Irish-Catholic first names like mine, I’m safe from all harm (even if my family were mostly Protestants). My family saddled me with Mary-Patricia Kathleen if y’please (and you wondered why I’m perfectly happy to be called “Kat”). I think I’m covered on the Irishness front…. But I may go out for a drop o’ the crateur this evening with my (largely Irish-background) buddies from Team Seattle (Mario is a Chicano; he can drink like the Irish. Cherie is Swedish; we may have to help her with hers.) The Paranormal Bender tour ends tonight at University Books in Seattle, so… be there or be… umm… sober.  And isn’t that after bein’ a shaggin’ pity?


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6 Responses to St. Patrick’s Day (and I have no clean green anything to wear)

  1. Pogonip says:

    Today is the day for the traditional wearing of the Orange, you know. Since a second grade teacher whacked me with a ruler for not wearing green on March 17, I’ve made it a rule. Up the Orange!

  2. hehehe… Technically my family is from the Protestant South so… yeah Orange is the appropriate color. But since most Irish bars are run by Catholic Irish… you’ll never get a drink wearing orange on St. Pat’s. 😉 I usually wear red or purple and tell people to bugger off with the pinches and slaps or I’ll serve ’em back….

  3. Jenna says:

    Have fun tonight. I’m surprised there aren’t more ER visits on St. Pat’s day due to injuries sustained to poeple trying to pinch the non-green wearing people.

    I went to last night’s stop of the Paranormal Bender Tour. It was fun but I was disappointed in the small turnout of current and potential fans. I heard Peter say only 28 people were there. Sadly people just don’t know what they missed. Foolish mortals.

  4. -V- says:

    I am Orange and Green….one side is Orange Protestant, the other side of my fam is Irish Catholic/Prussian/Swedish……

  5. V: I think that makes you Orange, Green, Blue, White, and Red. Doesn’t it?

  6. -V- says:

    Kat: Yep, kind of a muddy colored mutt….

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