That was fast…

I got the first response to the misattribution question last night when the Coincidence post was only minutes old, but it wasn’t quite on the mark.  Although he came back with the right answer later, he was beaten to the punch by Zita H who had the whole story with page numbers by 9:30 last night.

Here’s the winning reply for those of you who want to know:

“Wygan says he’s going to play a whole side of Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon (pp 252-253), but right before (Harper) leaves you say it’s Led Zepplin (pg 257).”

Yes I can tell Floyd from Zep, but at some point in the draft, the song was changed and I missed the second attribution. So did my editor, copyeditor, and proofreader, which is unusual in the extreme.  Say good bye to the goof, though since it was corrected in the upcoming edition


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2 Responses to That was fast…

  1. Ha… I sort of assumed the Led Zeppelin was what he put on immediately after the conversation.

    The unfeasibly long conversation, that would be.

    Or Wygan is the sort of chap who’d *say* he was going to play the whole side of an LP then use his hideous necromantic powers to distract Harper while secretly changing records, in a low level bid to disturb her… surely that’s more likely than such a comprehensive edit & proofing glitcharama?

  2. Well, he is the sort of chap who’d do something sneaky like that, but in this case the side does come on, but he never does change it and the scene doesn’t last longer than the approximately 28 minutes the whole side would take. Nope, we just messed up here in editing land.

    Sorry Rik–and Mr. Orange Monkey who I know was looking forward to getting his paws on Vanished extra early. 😉

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