Congrats to Rob Thurman!

It seems that Ms. Thurman’s new book, DEATHWISH, has cracked the NYT mass market paperback list at #26! Now, do I not tell you guys to go read her books? Huh? Don’t I? See what badgering people does? It gets you on the NYT! Go, Rob!


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6 Responses to Congrats to Rob Thurman!

  1. Adele says:

    I love this series and can’t wait to get my grubby paws on this one!!

  2. -V- says:

    NIGHTLIFE is highlighted on my Wanton Book Yearn Incline (List)..gotta start at the beginning…

  3. Toni Kelner says:

    Just bought my copy yesterday.

  4. -V- says:

    Started GREYWALKER on audio this morning. Mia Barron is a good narrator.

  5. I’m unable to listen to it. I keep expecting something different. Not that it’s bad–I haven’t gotten far enough to know–but one’s own work read by someone else just doesn’t sound right….

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