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There’s a Word for It

The remarkable Patricia Bray has a neat post on her LJ today about the Save the Words project in which one can adopt a word that is falling out of the English language through sheer disuse. Being a wordy-girl I … Continue reading

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An addendum to the previous post

In support of my Never Give Up! Never Surrender post, take a look at this post by agent Colleen Lindsey about patience. This is another facet of the “don’t give up” paradigm: hope and success require patience as well as … Continue reading

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Never Give Up! Never Surrender!

Now that I’ve upset and annoyed half the internet by yelling at the non-fiction tweakers, here’s another bit of Kat-wisdom for you writer types: Don’t invest in this gloom and doom shit that’s all over the place lately. Please. I’m … Continue reading

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But I don’t WANT to go to Reno….

I’m very annoyed and not just a bit upset to have to say WorldCon 2011 will not be in Seattle! Crap! The only remaining bid is for Reno. I really have no interest in Reno. I don’t like the heat … Continue reading

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Lying, F-ing Lying, and Creative Non-fiction

Fair warning: this is me ranting. I’m not intending to be polite, nice, reasonable, or even accurate, but at least I’m going to tell you so first and I’m going to go on for a good long while below the … Continue reading

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Another one for my collection

Okay (I’m trying to break myself of “OK” since it annoys some people, though I still say “it’s a freakin’ acronym: get over it!”). Several things to add to my collections of coolness. Got to go see Patricia Briggs last … Continue reading

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To the fabulous Richelle Mead for sweeping the Urban Fantasy Land Reader’s Choice Awards. To Caitlin Kittredge for the Best Debut Author award at that same site. And To Jim C. Hines, Barb and JC Hendee, Charlie Stross, and my … Continue reading

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Query Letter post at Graveyard Shift

Hey, there writers-in-waiting. Mystery writer Lee Lofland has a nice interview up at the Graveyard Shift blog with Wendy Burt-Thomas about writing query letters Wendy’s a full-time writer and freelance editor and her latest non-fiction work, The Writers Digest Guide … Continue reading

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Various Urban Fantasy Things

First off: the League of Reluctant Adults is back up and running! W00t! (and yes, the answer to the burning question “Why aren’t you there, Kat?” is “I’m a jackass.”) And the fantastic Carrie Ryan got a starred review from … Continue reading

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