My Own Personal Grey

Just Checkin In….


I have been down with a sinus headache for two days–yeah I get the killer kind whenever the atmospheric pressure drops drastically as it did to bring in yesterday’s wind and snow–they last about 48 hours and nothing makes them go away but time. Drugs only help the rest of the symptoms and I’m useless on the computer for any significant stretch of time, nor does the creative side of my brain work at all. I can fake it in person, but I can’t do real wordsmith work while in the grip of The Headache.

Yesterday while I was lying around like a beached whale with a harpoon in its noggin, I received my new, first-time-ever, electronic CEM of VANISHED. I’d been wondering what had become of it and now, here it is. Due back March 5. Since it’s the first time I’ve ever done a CEM electronically and in .doc form so the publisher can utilize the Track Changes feature (I don’t use Microsoft products so I’m having to muddle along in NeoOffice for now) I’m expecting a lot of frustration and annoyance. Normally I can run a CE in a week, but this is going to be tight.

So I’m out of here for a while. I MUST get this done.

More about headaches, professional drinking, electronic manuscripts, and other exciting things when I return from CEM land.