Just Checkin In….

I have been down with a sinus headache for two days–yeah I get the killer kind whenever the atmospheric pressure drops drastically as it did to bring in yesterday’s wind and snow–they last about 48 hours and nothing makes them go away but time. Drugs only help the rest of the symptoms and I’m useless on the computer for any significant stretch of time, nor does the creative side of my brain work at all. I can fake it in person, but I can’t do real wordsmith work while in the grip of The Headache.

Yesterday while I was lying around like a beached whale with a harpoon in its noggin, I received my new, first-time-ever, electronic CEM of VANISHED. I’d been wondering what had become of it and now, here it is. Due back March 5. Since it’s the first time I’ve ever done a CEM electronically and in .doc form so the publisher can utilize the Track Changes feature (I don’t use Microsoft products so I’m having to muddle along in NeoOffice for now) I’m expecting a lot of frustration and annoyance. Normally I can run a CE in a week, but this is going to be tight.

So I’m out of here for a while. I MUST get this done.

More about headaches, professional drinking, electronic manuscripts, and other exciting things when I return from CEM land.


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  1. JD Rhoades says:

    Ouch. Hope the headache’s gone by now, darlin’.

  2. Yeah, about 2 pm this afternoon–exactly 48 hours since it came on. Deeply immersed in the disaster that is electronic CEM without benefit of Word–which I loathe.

  3. JD Rhoades says:

    Have you tried Open Office?

  4. I’m using the no-X-11 version for Mac, called Neo Office, but it’s the same functionality and core code. I don’t like it, largely because it does most things like Word (which is annoying) and then doesn’t do the one thing I really need it to do like Word in a Word-like way. The comments/notes are very difficult to see and access and that’s causing me a lot of difficulty. My CE somehow managed to make her notes/comments in such a way that the markers are not visible most of the time. I have to click through the notes/comments dialog one by one and then click on the note I want to see in place, fix it, make my own note (which shows up fine) and then go back to the rest of the edit wherever I was before I went searching for her notes. It’s kind of frustrating and not very linear.

    The real issue is that Word has become the tyrant program of publishing even though it’s bloated, proprietary, expensive, and does so many things badly. But it has Track Changes and Comments which editors like. The rest is crap.

  5. Ack! looks like Neo Office is running on kernal 2.4 not the new 3.0 yet–which DOES support the proper Comment format. Feh… gotta change software again….

  6. Hairy Thing says:

    Hate to say it, but your headaches seem to follow my hangover-free days, I think we may have a psychic connection – and I think I come out on the plus side. We should study this.

    I’m glad you’re better, I can’t imagine having a killer headache and living with your hubby.

  7. I knew it had to be you behind it somehow….

    Mr. Kat’s not too bad… except for the sitting and staring. And drooling… 😉

  8. Hairy Thing says:

    NEWS FLASH……..Not really the correct place for this comment, but since this is quicker (for me) than email I’ll use it – Dawn got accepted to intern at Cornell, so its off to NY for us! Shame it wasn’t washignton state, but damn, what a great school to go too. Wish us luck, and wipe my bro’s drool off.

  9. Alas! the state of New York shall not be the same. Congrats to Dawn and hope you guys have much fun in NY.

    (Jim says he doesn’t drool…)

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