Time Flies….

… like an arrow (and fruit flies like a banana.)

Tomorrow is my friend Ken George’s birthday (no I don’t remember or care how old he is.) Ken is the guy who got me started with my first “weblog” back in September of 2000, among other things. Here is the text of the first posts I ever made there. I owe Ken a considerable debt for that and for kicking my ass regularly and frequently about getting off my spreading derriere and doing some actual writing and occasional other projects. Back in the day, you had to code it all yourself and I learned basic HTML and CSS (later CSS2) so I could do that. At the time I hung out a lot at the TTLG.com forums and got into virtual trouble with a lot of cool, creative and marginally insane people, many of whom I still know and keep in touch with–if sporadically–including my buddy Andrew who set up my fan forum recently, Amanda and Alex Pearson, and Mara Love (whose name I stole for a character in my first book.)

But back to Ken… see, tomorrow is his birthday and I thought I’d repost the embarassingly bad Flash animation I made for him back in 2001: The Pigeon of Death in the Shelter for Unwanted Baloon Animals (PG-13, so… be careful when you click). Partially to remind us all how far we’ve come, partially to get it back up and into the blogoverse again, and partially to say “Hey Ken, I still can’t draw!”

Happy Birthday a little early, my friend!

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