News on the Philip Front

Back in 2004 when I was finishing up the research on Poltergeist, I spent some time trying to find the original “Man Alive!” footage and home films of the Philip sessions that the original New Horizons/Toronto Psychichal Research Society participated in. No dice.

A few people I talked to then and later suggested that the video had never existed, that the book itself, Conjuring Philip, was a hoax. But I have a dim memory of seeing the tape on television (this was when I was very young and my parents were getting divorced so they didn’t pay a lot of attention to small children staying up late to watch “ghost” shows on TV.) But a little vindication has arrived by email from a fan named Deborah who’s pointed me to the Philip page at the current Toronto Ghosts and Hauntings site, maintained by Sue Darroch.

The tapes have been found and saved to new media. If you’re interested in the material, look at the bottom of the page and see how you can get a copy.

Thank you to Deborah and to Sue Darroch at TGH and Bruce Raymond for rediscovering the old material and preserving and copying it to digital form.

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3 Responses to News on the Philip Front

  1. Adele says:

    It’s very cool that the experiment is still out there for us to look into.

  2. -V- says:

    That is rockin’!

  3. Sue has been one of the primary flame-keepers on the Philip Project materials. She’s been tireless and helped me out a little with the book, so I’m glad to see they finally found that video–it was the great mystery of Philip-watchers that it seemed to have disappeared completely.

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