My Own Personal Grey

People actually read this stuf…


It appears I should blog substantively more often: my views and linkage have sky rocketed since I started actually saying something.

Huh. Imagine that.

And that brings up a thought not unconnected to recent web discussions about blogging and promotion and such: what makes a good blog? or a good blog post? Personally I’m not interested in writing metrics–neither reading nor posting them–most of the time. And John Scalzi has already said everything really interesting about writing–Damn you Scalzi! Personal blither? Nah, most of the time, people’s journals are… well… boring. If you happen to be an interesting person doing interesting things, then your web journal may be fascinating, but, really… most of us are posting about our kids, pets, illnesses, and jobs. And most people already have experience with those, so there’s only so much that’s going to hold their attention.

You know what I think makes good blogging? Lies and exaggerations. Poking things with sticks. Photos (even lolcats). Humor, horror, nudity… and the occasional roasting and eating of sacred cows (not literal cows, of course–who really cares if you eat meat? Not me, unless it’s that particular cow that scared me when I was three, in which case I say "eat the whole thing!") And talking about things most people don’t do or don’t experience but would like to (or think they would like to.)

I suppose that last is part of the reason so many people read blogs by writers blogging about writing. But I think I’d rather blog about… boats, ferrets, getting lost in my hometown, finding neat stuff, going neat places, and meeting neat people. Because other than that, my life is pretty much like anyone else’s: get up, put on clothes, work, eat, shower, sleep, repeat. Booooooring!

Yes, I know… "where’s the nudity?" Well I won’t be showing you mine, but will you settle for a ferret?