They Earn… What?!

Well… this is interesting in a “someone shoot me now” kind of way…

The Seattle PI Wage Comparison by Occupation widget.

I suspect the median and mean for “Writers and Authors” is a bit skewed due to the small size of the sample (710). While certain people are making rather nice money quite a few of the rest aren’t. At least not yet.


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4 Responses to They Earn… What?!

  1. Dana King says:

    Not apropos of this post, but I see you made the IMBA bestseller list for January. Congratulations.

  2. Oh yes! Someone sent me that note, but it got buried in a bunch of other stuff. Thank you! I’m quite thrilled.

  3. I suspect that anyone who has a day job got included under that category, so they’ve skewed their sample to include primarily people who actually support themselves by writing. That group is going to have an entirely different income profile than the group of “people who write for money.”

  4. It’s certainly an odd number and no doubt about that!

    I did make that much when I worked for Microsoft as a technical editor/writer, and by a fluke I made almost that much a couple of years ago when ALL of my payments came in on the same week for 3 new contracts. But normally I make between 1/3 and 1/2 the figure they gave as the “mean.”

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