There’s a Word for It

The remarkable Patricia Bray has a neat post on her LJ today about the Save the Words project in which one can adopt a word that is falling out of the English language through sheer disuse. Being a wordy-girl I think it’s horrible when words disappear, so I went and adopted me a word and I intend to use it like mad!

This is my word:
Cynicocratical (adj)

Pertaining to rule by cynics.

Hehehe… I think our country is not quite cynicocratical enough!


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2 Responses to There’s a Word for It

  1. hairy brother in-law says:

    Kat – check out these guys too


  2. Cool!

    And I love that Peckish is the word on the page right now. heheh…. I’m a bit peckish myself.

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