But I don’t WANT to go to Reno….

I’m very annoyed and not just a bit upset to have to say WorldCon 2011 will not be in Seattle! Crap!

The only remaining bid is for Reno. I really have no interest in Reno. I don’t like the heat (in August!) and I don’t care for the primary industry of the town. I don’t find it a place that offers any entertainment notions I’m particularly interested in (Golf? Swimming pool that’s 90F? Tennis? Shopping? so very not me every one). I suppose I’ll end up skipping it, since 100+ outside and 65 inside is not my idea of pleasant.

On top of that, the theme was all steampunky and I was really looking forward to that. Now what? Phooey! And on top of that, I had to find out through a bottom-of-the-page notice on an SFWA email. No one contacted me and I already gave money to the bid at more than the minimum "friend" rate, so… I’m wondering what’s going to happen to that, too.

*sigh* And I was so looking forward to commuting to WorldCon….


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7 Responses to But I don’t WANT to go to Reno….

  1. Pogonip says:

    *snifff* I yam in Reno. I like Reno. I like Kat. I would like Kat in Reno. *sob* I could even find some places to show Kat in Reno and vicinity. If Kat came to Reno.

  2. *gasp* I had forgotten that you were in Reno! That changes everything! I shall have to go to Reno then.

  3. Adele says:

    lol, excellent so that’s sorted then. 🙂

  4. Until the publisher raises their head…

  5. Pogonip says:

    Holy moly! I feel sooooo powerful! LOL! Now I’ll have to plan something entertaining — and different!

  6. Hehe… I’m informed that WorldCon in Reno would be later in the month, so hopefully no one will try to give me the hairy eyeball over it.

    And of course you are powerful–you are She Who Must Be Obeyed, are you not?

  7. Pogonip says:

    From your lips to DH’s ears. I’ve been telling him that for over 30 years, but he’s going deaf. On that particular subject, he seems to have always been deaf, though.

    August can be very warm, as you know, but last summer it was July that was hot, and August was much more pleasant. Generally, when the sun goes down, the temperature does as well, usually quite a bit. Then there is Tahoe, where the daytime temps are a good 20º lower, and the scenery is spectacular.

    As a long-time resident, I seldom go into the downtown core. Only when friends from out of town are staying there. Reno is much more of a community than Las Vegas.

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