Another one for my collection

Okay (I’m trying to break myself of “OK” since it annoys some people, though I still say “it’s a freakin’ acronym: get over it!”). Several things to add to my collections of coolness.

Got to go see Patricia Briggs last night at U-Books in Seattle. Here is another example of authors I want to be like when I get to be as popular as they are. She’s sweet, she’s knowledgeable, and she’s funny while being a crackerjack writer and a shockingly normal person. No diva acts for this lady. She’s just plain nice! Since I was driving and didn’t have anywhere to get to, I dropped Patty back and her hotel afterward, and on the way we had a wonderful conversation about the biz and the books and our mutual editor, Anne Sowards, and a lot of other things and it’s the sort of conversation you hope won’t end, but has to eventually. It was fantastic. (Thank you Ms. Briggs; you’re wonderful.)

If you’re in the north end of Seattle tonight thinking “what shall I do?” I can tell you: go see Patty at Third Place Books in Lake Forest Park. You won’t regret it.

And while I was checking for the new mass market listings at Amazon and B&, I found this. I suspect the listing is not supposed to be public, but that’s the “dump bin” for Greywalker’s mass market release. You know: the cardboard book display thing. For my books!

See Kat: See Kat squee and flap her hands like a crazy fan-grrrl. Oh boy! Dump bin! W00t!

OMG! Yes, really I “OMG” here. I do. Because I cannot stop doing the squee along with it. I love you, dump bin. I love you B&N.

And then I looked up the page a bit and found this. This is the first time I’ve seen the new mass market cover. Ever. So pretty….

More Squee!

Just for fun, here are the original cover and the new cover side by side, below the cut (in service to those wishing to conserve their bandwidth). You may notice some… differences….

Original Greywalker trade paperback cover (Oct. 2006)

Original Greywalker trade paperback cover (Oct. 2006)

Greywalker mass market cover (June 2009)

Greywalker mass market cover (June 2009)


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7 Responses to Another one for my collection

  1. Jenna says:

    Ms. Brigg’s is going to be at Powell’s tomorrow night so I’ll get to see her then. I have a couple of her books on my TBR pile but I haven’t read any yet.

    I really wish you’d cheer up about the book bin and the new MPB cover. It breaks my heart to see you like this. ;op

  2. Michelle in Colorado says:

    You National Bestselling Author you. That is very cool.

  3. I still have no idea what “National Bestselling Author” means, but… what the hell. I’ll take it.

  4. Adele says:

    I love the Mercy Thompson series, i’ve not read any of her others though.

  5. It’s a good sign that your name has got a higher billing than the blurb.

    Is it the scan, or is the mass market cover a lot darker than the original?

  6. Pogonip says:

    It’s a really good sign when the author’s name is as big or bigger than the title. The mass market paperback is also a very good Thing since it will put the book(s) in reach of the ….wait for it…. mass market!!! Airport bookracks, grocery and drug stores, in addition to book stores.

    When will you be on Craig Ferguson’s show? Or are you holding out for Letterman and Leno? I happen to like Ferguson better. 😉

  7. I think the new cover is darker than the original, but I’m not sure. I haven’t seen an actual, just the jpg on Barnes & Noble’s website. (The publisher does not provide printed “cover flats” to me.)

    Ah… WalMart… I admit I look forward to spotting my book at a grocery store….

    Personally I’m holding out for Dr. Phil. So I can make fun of him while he tries to convince me I’m a sick person who needs therapy. Hah: if I had therapy I’d never write another good book. This IS my therapy.

    (And I don’t have a TV so I’ve never seen Ferguson.)

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