Various Urban Fantasy Things

First off: the League of Reluctant Adults is back up and running! W00t! (and yes, the answer to the burning question “Why aren’t you there, Kat?” is “I’m a jackass.”)

And the fantastic Carrie Ryan got a starred review from Publishers Weekly for her debut novel The Forest of Hands and Teeth! Congrats to Carrie! (Not that we didn’t know it had to happen because… well… Carrie rocks!)

Rachel Vincent’s new were novel Pride is officially out today! Hurray Rachel!

Joshua Palmatier is an uncle! Congratulations to the family of a brand new bouncing boy!

And very soon Urban Fantasy Land will be announcing its Readers Choice Contest winners. Eeek!

What a busy day!

And I got 1000 words on the Librarian superhero done last night. Today I’m shooting for 1000 more. W00t!

Oh yeah, and Warren Ellis has a photo up of a snowbound canal boat in London, which I much admire, since a similar boat features in an upcoming book by moi….


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3 Responses to Various Urban Fantasy Things

  1. Adele says:

    the new League looks great, but hey, you have your own fan forum. 😉

  2. True. And I am a terrible blogger.

  3. Elaine says:

    Oh wow! I went on a two week canal boat vacation in England in 1982. It was wonderful and I have wanted to repeat it ever since. In which upcoming book are you featuring canal boating? (or maybe I should just read the older posts …)

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