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Damn You Los Angeles!

First Michael Chrichton and now Ricardo Montalban and Patrick McGoohan Pass Away in Los Angeles. I swear, it’s just too damned dangerous to be old and talented in LA. Get out now! Run! Advertisements

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It seems there’s a little old nomination window for best (various things) in Urban Fantasy going on at Urban Fantasy Land… and no one nominated me. phoo…. I r teh unlurved. (oops.. I’m there, I’m just blind as a bat… … Continue reading

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Off and Away!

And so, off went the revised VANISHED files this afternoon. Bye-bye! Final word count after read-through and tweak: 108,650 (exactly, not approximated.) And some of it is so good it makes me cry. (Thanks to the evil Mark Henry who … Continue reading

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Vanished: soon to vanish from my desk (I hope)

Soo… I just finished the revision. Which is why I’ve been so very quiet. It took a lot of work and a lot of hair-pulling to get it done. I still haven’t read through it, but I did spell-check and … Continue reading

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Contest reminder (another)

Hey, guys. Just a friendly reminder about the Mean Streets Favorite Character contest. Deadline is looming, books are waiting to be given away!

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Returning to my Jewelry Roots (sorta)

Long time ago I worked for the Gemological Institute of America as a course-writer. That is to say, I wrote course materials to train jewelers and gemologists. As I was doing that I also took a few of the basic … Continue reading

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Recent Reading

Due to a lot of committee work in 2008, I suspended my Recent Reading page posts.  But now my work is done and I’m back to posting my current and recently-read books.  If you want to keep track of my … Continue reading

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Austen-sibly Me…

Hrm…  Apparently Well… at least I’m not Fanny Price…. Take the Quiz here!

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In Which Our Heroine Vanishes from Shelves…

Sadly for me, my agent informs me that the major chains will be removing the hardcover of Underground from shelves soon due to inventory needs. (A friend confirmed that he could not find one at any B&N or Borders in … Continue reading

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Happy BookDay and Giveaways!

Wow, a whole bunch of my writing buddies and fellow SFNovelists are having new book releases this week (I have one too, as you know) and some of them are giving books away! Not only are they all excellent writers, … Continue reading

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Mean Streets contest!

Yet more contests! I have 6 copies of Mean Streets to give away and I have a forum that needs members so…. here’s the deal: go to the Greywalker forum, if you aren’t already a member, register and become one, … Continue reading

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