My Own Personal Grey

Quickie Post


Greywalker mass market proof went off yesterday, so should arrive on time at Roc, but just in case, the Post Awful screws up again, I sent a detailed list of the six, yes only 6! errors I found. I’m so pleased.

Revision of VANISHED has been officially accepted and now enters the copyedit stage. More excellentness in the publishing cycle.

I have hired an independent publicist to work with my publisher’s publicist in hopes of covering a lot more ground and getting a bit more buzz than we got last year. For some unknown reason, none of the major industry organs or significant consumer publications reviewed my book last year and I don’t want that to happen this year. Also, I want to build on the pass-along success of MEAN STREETS while it’s still a nice warm buzz in the minds of Jim Butcher’s and Simon Green’s fans. I like Jim and Simon both very much but I’m not letting them have all the fun. Tom and I deserve some fan-love too and I’m going to hunt it down with a fork and pin it to the ground and roll in it like a dog with a dead fish. (Yay!) It’s a financial risk, but failure to fly this time will be a bigger one, so… I’m giving it a bit more wind beneath its wings–I hope.

I’m reading books and starting in on a new project. I have been trying to work on the notes for Book 5, but I really want to work on a non-Harper project for a while, so I’m giving the librarian a chance to enthrall me.

Still have a cold, but it’s slowly dwindling away with much nose-blowing and cough syrup-swilling.

And if you haven’t already checked them out, go admire Jim C. Hines’s Goblin Minitures: they rock!