Sneak Peek at My Schedule and Others

Well… I’m starting to get things together (with the help of new publicists Roseanne Romanello and Joshua Jason). And I’m currently booked for the following:

Norwescon, Seattle WA area, Easter Weekend April 9-12
Pacific  Northwest Writers Conference, Seattle WA area, July 30-August 2
ComiCon, San Diego CA , July 23-26
Dragon*Con, Atlanta GA , Labor Day Weekend September 4 – September 7

Looks like I won’t make it to WorldCon in Montreal as I’d hoped since it’s the weekend VANISHED is being released (yes, Alan Beatts will be disappointed in me.) I’m looking into other things like the Los Angeles Time Festival of Books, World Fantasy Convention, and Bouchercon, but I’m not sure what’s going to get the nod (or what I can afford.) A lot depends on what the publisher wants to do for the tour and what else might be going on with publicity in other directions.

I’ll update my newsletter and my Appearances page on the website soon, but I haven’t gotten to it yet, since i’m still proofing the mmp of Greywalker and having my ass kicked by this cold. Originally I was going to go to Left Coast Crime this February, but other things kind of got in the way.

Meanwhile, the fabulous Paranormal Bender Tour has been announced featuring my Team Seattle mates Caitlin Kittredge, Cherie Priest, and Mark Henry, and Denver Mob Godfather Mario Acevedo:

Pure fabulousity! Be there or be… Zombie Bait!

Oh yeah… and don’t forget the Urban Fantasyland Reader’s Choice contest! We’re all in there, so the competition is nasty! W00t!


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