Vanished: soon to vanish from my desk (I hope)

Soo… I just finished the revision. Which is why I’ve been so very quiet. It took a lot of work and a lot of hair-pulling to get it done. I still haven’t read through it, but I did spell-check and save to the 2 local back ups. Tomorrow it goes to the remote.

Word count of first submitted draft: 88,200 words

Word count of revised draft: 108,400 words

I really am tired.

I think it’s good, but maybe that’s the exhaustion talking.


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2 Responses to Vanished: soon to vanish from my desk (I hope)

  1. -V- says:

    I bet it’s just plain good. Now go get some schleep!

  2. Mmm… sleeeeeeeep.

    And I did and I checked it, fixed a few more little errors, and sent it off! Yay! I’m done! And I was 3 days early!

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