In Which Our Heroine Vanishes from Shelves…

Sadly for me, my agent informs me that the major chains will be removing the hardcover of Underground from shelves soon due to inventory needs. (A friend confirmed that he could not find one at any B&N or Borders in Seattle this morning.) That means you won’t be able to get a copy of Underground off the shelf in a Barnes & Noble, Borders, Waldenbooks, or B. Dalton until August when the mass market edition comes out. You will have to order it. Small independents and specialists may continue to carry the book in hardcover but a lot of them will have inventory reductions upcoming too and with the current financial fears, many will be slashing older inventory to the bone. The book will most likely be remaindered and may turn up in Half-Price books, or at Costco, but I don’t know yet what will happen to them. (If I can buy them and sell them, myself, I will, but it’s expensive and requires storage and shipping facilities I don’t have right now.)

So, if you want a copy of Underground, large independents, specialists, or online sources (like Amazon) will be your best options. Barnes&Noble has been incredibly supportive of me and my books online as have Third Place Books in Lake Forest Park Washington, Mysterious Galaxy in San Diego California, the University Bookstore in Seattle Washington, and my friends at Seattle Mystery Books (the latter two are also great about taking orders for signed and even personalized books!)


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  1. Dave Bara says:

    I found a copy of Underground at the Southcenter B&N just before Christmas. Johnna says it’s the best one yet!


  2. Aww… well thanks, Johnna! (must make time to see you guys once the rev is done and I’m not scrambling around like an ape.)

    My agent says they probably won’t remainder until Fall when the mmpb is available, so it looks like he overstated the situation a bit in that respect or I misunderstood him. However, the inventory thing is still a factor in that all stores now face taxes and the need to make room for new books. The book did well over Christmas–the whole series did in fact–but since the season’s over, I expect there will be only one copy on the shelf in the majority of stores or no copy if the shelf is needed for a newer book.

    The Southcenter B&N is a very nice store, I must admit. I still like it better than the new Borders there in spite of the fact that old B&N is 3/4 of the size. It’s often a bit messy and always a bit cramped, but the staff seems to know their inventory in spite of that.

  3. Jenna says:

    Well that stinks. Hopefully Powell’s will keep all of their stock. It looks like they have a bunch between the stores and the warehouses.

    So Underground going to come out in mpb instead of tpb like the others? I don’t know why I feel the need to whine about that when I have the hard back any way. I just like all my books in a series to be the same size. I may need professional help for this.

  4. They don’t see the value of having 3 formats–it’s costly and splits the market too small for each. The hardcover is only a /tiny/ bit larger than the tpb, though…. 😉

    And I’ve been on them to get the mmpbs out for two years, so I’m actually pretty happy on that count.

  5. Zita says:

    Well, thank goodness I got mine already, although I did have to order it online at Chapters. But that could just be a Canadian thing. Thank you-know-who for online bookstores. You’d be amazed at the number of authors Canadian sellers don’t stock. ‘Course, if it weren’t for online bookstores and blogs, I would never have known about them to moan and groan about not being able to buy them at my local bookstore. Hmmm…

  6. Barb Hendee says:

    Hi Kat,

    Have you had any trouble finding MEAN STREET in a B&N?

    So far IN SHADE AND SHADOW has not arrived at any of the stores we’ve checked. I’m a little worried.

  7. Barb Hendee says:

    Ooops! I meant MEAN STREETS. Sorry.

  8. Hi Barb!

    Huh, that’s odd. No I haven’t had any trouble finding it here, but then… most of the shops around here know I’m local and I suspect they flag local authors in their systems. I’d think that with Jim Butcher on the top of the byline everyone would have it so his fans don’t tear the shops down.

  9. Oh, hey. It just hit me that I saw your and J.C.’S new book faced on the “New in SF” display at the downtown Seattle B&N today. Nice!

  10. Barb Hendee says:

    Oh, Kat, thank you. This is great news! At least some of the B&N stores have copies.

    That’s really good news. Weather has played such a role in “late shipments” this time around.

    I do think MEAN STREETS is going to earn you some excellent royalties (smiles). I’d love to have my name on something with Jim Butcher! (smiles).

  11. I knew I’d just seen your name somewhere, I just needed to bang on my brain-box until the answer rose to the top.

    I’m tying not to hold my breath about anything with the collection–or any other book of mine–since I hate to be disappointed. But it would please me considerably if the book hit the NYT (even if it was for just one week and we never made any money.)

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