Mean Streets contest!

Yet more contests! I have 6 copies of Mean Streets to give away and I have a forum that needs members so…. here’s the deal:

  1. go to the Greywalker forum,
  2. if you aren’t already a member, register and become one,
  3. then post a reply to the “Favorite Character” thread telling me who your favorite secondary character is from the Greywalker series (it can’t be Harper) which book they appear in, and why you think they are cool/bad/fun/scary/whatever.

I’ll read them and of course there will probably be some voting and campaining and then I’ll pick 6 winners–they can be from anywhere in the world–to receive a copy of the book signed by me. I can’t get the other authors to sign them, so I’ll have to do…. All answers must be in by midnight, forum time, on January 16th (Forum time is -8 GMT so, that’s one minute past 11:59 p.m. Pacific Standard time on Jan 16, not Jan 15.) You can only post one “favorite” though you’re free to discuss other people’s posts and even to edit your own.

Go, Go!

(Oh: members of my family cannot play for prizes–for fun yes, but prizes, no… I have goodies for you, too….)


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4 Responses to Mean Streets contest!

  1. Jenna says:

    I like so many for so many different reasons. It’s hard to choose than I thought it would be. I’ll have figured out something by the deadline though.

    I keep hoping to see Dr. Skelleher again.

  2. Ah, poor Skelly… he hasn’t had a reason to pop up for a while has he?

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