My husband is morose….

He’s been having increasing computer woes for months. The new machine he built in June has had problems since the beginning and has now gone through 3 mother boards and 2Gb of additional RAM before it threw a silicon shoe and came up totally lame today. (His screams of frustration as it has plotzed over and over for no discernible reason are gaining legendary status.) He tried swapping mother boards and checking the RAM, running various tests as he tried each iteration.

It’s just plain fucked.

MB #3 has proved to be craptacular just like 1 & 2, though in new and different ways (and normally neither of us has any complaint with Asus boards.) So… after the morning and afternoon had been spent on laundry and office work, we went out to Frys Electronics with the avowed intent of buying him a new computer. Got one, brought it home, went to install the graphics board… and the new machine has a slot, but no power for the board. Needless to say we shall be returning said machine tomorrow before they close for the New Year’s Eve craziness, but Mr. Kat is a bit… nonplussed.

And I am frustrated at having gotten no new work processed today (I was aiming for another 10K revised bringing the revision progress to 70%) and unhappy that he is unhappy. I’d sneak off behind his back and go and buy him a new one, but I don’t know enough about Linux computer requirements to get what he needs (though I have been looking hard at the options at System 76… though the one I’m tempted by is $1100 and that may be overkill).


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4 Responses to My husband is morose….

  1. Jenna says:

    I feel his pain. My computer crashed 12/23. I’ve been visiting the library for compture use. I have less than 3 minutes left for the day and I still have so much to do. :o(

    Good Luck!

  2. Sandy says:

    well, golly gosh and cobbled cobra’s eggs, I’d love to help him, but I don’t do Linux! sound familar?

  3. Sandy says:

    I’ve tried to resist, I really have but I just can’t stand it any longer! I just have to say, “I’d really like to help, but….. I don’t do Linux”!!! see Sandy rolling in the aisles, if she had any aisles..

  4. hehe… he went and bought a new one as a Christmas present to me–so I won’t have to listen to him howling and screaming.

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