Christmas, Christmas… will be late

After our fun adventure in shopping yesterday during the lull in the weather, we realized it was two days to Christmas and we’d done nothing and now had no time to do anything. Or at least not much. Make that nothing, since we paused for hamburgers at a place we usually love but eschew for caloric reasons–Zesto’s Burgers by the high school–and both came down with the gurgling, aching tummies and guts of minor food poisoning.

Thus the best laid plans of mice and me have gang a gle. *sigh*

Feeling better today, but it started raining only enough to turn the snow into dangerous slush so we stayed in and played computer games–or Mr. Kat did. I read books for a deadline and worked on the revision, then played a bit of WoW before doing more work in between feeling still a bit rocky in the gusty winds that plagued the marina until about 8 p.m.

I made a roast for dinner tonight and let it sit up on the rack instead of bubbling in the juice as I should have done, but it was still very delicious with its celery, garlic, onions, and parsnips, with pan-fried potatoes and garden peas on the side. Needless to say most of it actually went into the leftover dishes for later since tummies are still on the mend. Thank the gods something possessed us to buy a gallon of milk….

Now it is indeed a Silent Night, but like the fellow who Paused in the Woods on a Snowy Evening, I still have miles to go before I sleep (though in my case this is not a metaphor for death, unless I don’t actually get the revision done on time….)

On the other hand I am now down to only one book on the reading list, so I shall make that deadline, I think. (I shall not to think of priapic firehoses, no thanks to someone.) And the rev is not going so very horribly, though I may not have much time to read it over before I send it.

The ferret has gone from skinny skeleton to pudge-o-rama and incidentally, we believe today is his birthday. Happy birthday, Taz, you sleepy pudge-butt!

And now good night. If I didn’t call or send a card it’s because… I suck.

Have a Merry and Happy anyhow.

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  1. Pogonip says:

    A case of food poisoning on a boat that is rocking in rough water…..not a pretty picture. Sending wishes for a quick return to health.

    Don’tcha just hate it when you treat yourself, and it turns on you? There is no justice!!!

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