Working, working….

I know I’m the world’s most boring blogger. I just don’t want to say anything that’s going to spoil the book in progress or upset my agent/editor or piss off my husband or… whatever. And I’m snowed in, snowed under, and generally busy as the proverbial one-armed paperhanger in an earthquake. But I did get pix of “Snowpocolpyse 2008” as Caitlin is calling it and salvaged a thawed pumpkin pie and did some work on the revision–which is going OK, though I wish it were faster and my bookseller friend Christelle I hope will forgive me for killing her off so… non-specifically. Erk!

The ferret is downright fat, as will I be if I keep baking cookies and pie to keep warm. I hope the snow melts long enough to move the car, get more propane, stock up on fruit and veg, take out the trash, and wash my hair without it freezing to my head on the way back from the shower (a half mile walk from the boat.)

I forgot to Christmas shop….

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3 Responses to Working, working….

  1. Elaine says:

    Dunno. Snowed in with a deadline doesn’t seem so bad. Except for the cold part. My fingers would be frozen! I wish I had a deadline. I’m editing as well, however, mine is unsold and no one is waiting to read it. Actually, it’s not ready to make the rounds yet, anyway.

  2. -V- says:

    I will take boring blogger (which you aren’t) if I can have fab books to read…..which you write. Totally not sucking up either.

  3. hagelrat says:

    Happy Christmas. I’d love a post about living on a boat, that should be safe right?

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