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A Merry Christmas for Mean Streets


Yay! First I have to say "I love Kimberly Swan." Yes I do. She always seems to to say nice things about my books. (I do not know her nor do I pay her, so that’s very cool.) She’s the first non-Harriet to post a review of Mean Streets the novella collection that is being released early next month. W00t!

Also, I now have a publicist at Penguin again (hi Roseanne!) and the first thing she got stuck with was helping set up a bookfair appearance for yours truly this coming January 3 & 4 at the Downtown Seattle Barnes and Noble. As a result there will be me signing the very first distributed copies of MEAN STREETS (and anything else anyone shoves under my pen), readings from Brailled books–including the latest J.K. Rowling tale "Beadle the Bard"–and lots of other neat authors milling about getting in trouble. I’ll actually only be there Sunday afternoon, but there will be other wonderful writers around all weekend, including one of my favorite people, Louise Marley in her "Toby Bishop" guise.

The Bookfair is being arranged by the National Federation for the Blind to benefit Braille literacy for blind and hard-of-sight children. It’s also Louis Braille’s birthday! Braille literacy bookfairs should be popping up at B&Ns all over the nation for this date to help raise funds to teach blind kids braille since currently less than 10% of blind and hard-of-sight children are taught Braille. More bookfairs are scheduled for October to raise more funds so if you don’t get to the January one, look for one in October.

On a coincidentally related note: I got my copies of the audio version of POLTERGEIST yesterday! Wheee! At this rate UNDERGROUND should be available in March, so I’m jazzed!

And now… back to revising!