Knee-Deep in Reindeer Guts

Best. Christmas. Present. EVER! Someone likes my short story from Wolfsbane and Mistletoe: They Call Me the Oracle!: Knee-Deep in Reindeer Guts.

Yes, I have a “thing” about venison and reindeer…. I am a baaaaad person…

But at least I’m giggling and now… back to work!

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7 Responses to Knee-Deep in Reindeer Guts

  1. -V- says:

    Just one someone?? I am thinking there would be a ton of someones. Or is it a special someone?
    I like the taste of venison and I have had haunch of reindeer (reindeer butt?) when I was stationed in Alaska. Pretty yum. You are not baaaad.

  2. I imagine there are a few people who liked it, but only one who like it well enough to name a blog post after it. And of course this is a special someone because they liked it enough to blog about it! (But not “the” special someone–that would be my hubby.)

    I’ve never had reindeer, even while in Alaska. I suppose it’s not really venison, but I can’t seem to get over that joke. One of the editors on the anthology my never forgive me for killing off Rudolph however. But I’ll probably keep on finding ways to make him the butt of various Christmas horrors. It amuses me….

  3. Dave Bara says:

    Kill Rudolph? I think he already bought it last year:

    Rudolph's Christmas Nightmare!



  4. I’ve been killing off Rudolph for years. It seems only fair.

  5. hagelrat says:

    awesome. I still haven’t managed to get my mits on this, not stockin git in my local stores. grrr. internet on payday, solves everything.

  6. -V- says:

    I just won’t read the story to Lady K. She still believes….she’s only 5…..she’d be bummed….

  7. Nooo… definitely not the story to read to anyone under the age of Skeptical.

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