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I was recently reminded through the MWA that back in June there was a lot of flooding in Iowa, as some of you may recall. In the rising water, one of the things that was lost was the A-rated Central Library of the city of Cedar Rapids. The building’s still there, but it’s in bad shape and the nearly-300,000 volumes in it were pretty much a total loss. This is considered the worst disaster in the history of American libraries. That may not sound too awful at first, but considering the current state of libraries in the US, to lose such a jewel is a heavy blow.

While FEMA will provide funds to rehabilitate the building, there is no money for books. So while the library is currently operating out of the Westdale Mall with the remains of their collection and donated volumes, some friends of the library are seeking donations to buy books. But they don’t just want your cash, if you’re a writer, they want your books, ephemera, archives, etc.

Mystery Cat Books is acting as the central donation center for signed books, CDs, DVDs, manuscripts and other items that can be auctioned or sold on the Internet to raise funds for the library’s book fund. Mystery Cat will provide mylar covers and framing for items that require it. If you want to donate to help the Cedar Rapids Central Library, contact:

Mystery Cat Books
112 32nd St Dr SE
Cedar Rapids Iowa 52403
(319) 363-2179

Yes, I know, yet another call for your resources at holiday time, but if you’re a book fiend, this is would be a big shiny present for a lot of other readers. If you have the First Editions or special items to spare, please consider the library.

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  1. Slyboots says:

    Hi Kat- I plan on spreading this info on. Didn’t know about this. Thanks for getting the word out!

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