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Teapots Threatened by Hot Air–News at 11

Edit for update: Since this was posted, the OP first unlocked comments, then insulted commenters, then privacy locked the entry.  As of now, 15:34 PST on Tuesday October 14, the post is no longer public.  Neither legal action, nor apologies … Continue reading

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Bouchercon Rocked!

And now I am home and it was fabulous, but I am tired and I have a proof due on Wednesday, so I shall post more later.

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And Much More Importantly: Books!

The fabulous Richelle Mead’s latest succubus novel is out! OMG! More Georgina Kincaid? Oh yes! Grab it while the grabbing’s good, or it’s gonna be sold out! Good stuff, Maynard. And soon, my pretties, very soon–if not already–my own little … Continue reading

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Deutscheland Schriebt

I’m tickled pink to say I got my first fan letter in German–my first fan letter ever that wasn’t in English, but not the first fan letter from a foreign fan. See Kat squee! with excitement.

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