My Own Personal Grey

One last fuckover–I hope….


Sooo… I finished the damned thing and emailed it to: my 2 editors, my 2 agents, my 3 “special” readers who won’t forgive me if I don’t.

And none of them got it.

Looks like Comcast in their infinite Whiz-Dumb ate my messages as spam. It took 3 more tries from 2 other addresses to get the ms to my US editor while I sat on the phone with her. Then I resent to all the other people from 2 of the 3 addresses to make sure the damned thing shows up where it’s supposed to before the end of business tomorrow. (I HATE you comcast, hate, hate, hate!)


What more can this fucking month drop on my head? You know the cat died a year ago and our neighbor Boyd, so I’m beginning to think the month of October has it in for me.

And I used to like Halloween so much

On the other hand… my guildies on World of Warcraft did help me get a batling pet… (did I mention my strange love of bats?)

OK, maybe not so bad, but still