Yak Yak

Soo… Saturday the girly contingent of Team Seattle went to Hugo House here in Seattle to talk about Horror and Fantasy elements in Mystery stories (or as I called it to a friend “Wild Women Talking About Creepy Shit.) Things went quite well, though you couldn’t tell if from me….
nail biter
(Is that Kat biting her nails while Cherie speaks and Caitlin and Richelle look on in horror? OMG!)

Since I was moderating, I was nervous, but the audience was interested and polite, but not… stiff. y’know? And of course there was drinking afterward at Vermillion (yeah, that’s the way it’s spelled) which is located next to a gallery/bar called Grey! (guess where I’ll head next time I’m up at Hugo House….)

And the fabulous Cherie Priest beat me to the post, if you want to see still more pics of Writers Behaving Badly (Not, alas).

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