Finally Bouchercon!

Yeah… I’m slow.

So here at last is the LOOOOONG blog about Bouchercon (World Mystery Convention) in Baltimore earlier this month.  Look below the cut for all the fab photos and nifty commentary.

First I have a transfer in Salt Lake City where I find my friend snuggled up side by side–Caitlin and Jeanne own the shelf!–on the shelf that is. This shelf is chest-height and five to six copies deep on each shelf, so… do the math on how many copies that is for Caitlin and Jeanne (yay!)

Then I get to Baltimore, stay at the lovely old Lord Baltimore Hotel, and go crazy with the convention. I don’t see much of the city due to conventioneering like mad, but I do make it to a mass booksigning event at the B&N in the Inner Harbor along with Charlaine Harris, Toni L.P. Kelner, Donna Andrews, Dana Cameron (my coolest new friend of the month nominee), and Joe (J.A.) Konrath. We sign a lot of books and Charlaine finds a dump bin! Charliane loves her bin W00t!

The next day I get up and search for cheap breakfast, finding my way opened by two big guys wearing badge lanyards that read “BPD Homicide Squad.” I recall that “Charm City” has a ridiculously high homicide rate and I hope they are just going out for coffee….

Back at the convention, we have our Wolfsbane and Mistletoe panel with the addition of Alan Gordon, who may be the most underrated talent in historical fiction and a real sweetheart, who also writes a heck of a werewolf story (he’s currently working on a novel featuring the characters he used in the W&M short story, as is Dana C.) The audience is pretty packed in our audience and that’s a super compliment, especially considering the competition for the prime pre-lunch spot.

The next day is my free day and somehow the idea gets started to get crabcakes and then visit Poe’s grave. By the time we start off, we have 17 people and are our own amazing Crab Cake Parade! Crab Cakes Ahoy!

We make it to Lexington Market, crossing the Columbus Day Marathon, skirt the Chocolate Festival, and get a little lost until we find Faidley’s–home of Baltimore’s Best Crab Cakes (the sign said so!)

Some people prefer not to wait in the long line and go for the oysters Kat T and Fran have oysters--before the oysters can have them!

The rest of us wait patiently in line beneath the sign of the crab for the promised crab cakes giant crab menaces Mario and the Cathys, though there are lots of other tasty offerings The other white meat?

At last we have our crab cakes Faidley's crab cakes are fab! (the amazing and wonderful Sharon Rowse is represented by her celery-green sweater between Cathy F and Pari Noskin Taichert.) The iced tea is much too sweet, but the crab cakes are delicious!

Everyone loves crab cakes, right?

Jenni and (umm... whoops)Jodi, Jeff, and Gabi Patti, Lisa, Jodi

We all wander around a bit, get some chocolate, and then head for Poe’s grave. Which is only 2 blocks away.

Hi, Mr. Poe! Poe's Memorial Sorry we missed your birthday by 2 days… please don’t send your raven after us…

Mario, of course, flashes the crowd–well me, really– Mario!  You Dirty Old Man, you! and the fellow behind him is really unsure about Mr. Acevedo… But he’s less interested once Mario shows his bollocks. Bollocks Mario!

We discover iron stalactites Rest never sleeps.... or what becomes of old gave fences after a century and a half of rain.

Poe’s original grave orignal poe before he got all diva and had to move to the front of the class.

We also discover a stairway to heaven stairway to heaven? I would have expected something grander….

And what happens to you when you don’t pay the crypt bills on time better than repossesion I guess.... You end up under the church porch. Better than repossesion, I suppose….

Then, our numbers diminshed by time and sleepiness, we head back to the hotel for more drinking and partying. And my buddy Sean Chercover wins the Shamus Award for Best First Novel! Yay! And Reed Farrell Colman wins one too! More Yay! And we all go out to celebrate with Lee Child and have far too good a time in spite of the really bizarre walk to and from the bar.

The last day was a bit marred by the arrival of the Fire Brigade! Fire Alarm! Which was a false alarm, but could have been more fun if there had been any buff firemen hopping off the trucks, but no…

And finally I was on my way home via the Baltimore Airport, where Baltimore gave me one more treat Look, on the top shelf! My book is gracing the shelves at the bookstore–the top shelf but still… yay!

And home again, at last.


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7 Responses to Finally Bouchercon!

  1. Alan Gordon says:

    Well, garsh, thanks for the compliments. I had a great time on the panel, and the W&M ornament was a beautiful contribution to the group. I shall hang it on my menorah with pride! Alan Gordon

  2. Sandy says:

    Thanks for all the photos and info. Almost made me feel as if I was there… but I know that you must have a timer thingy on that camera, so why were you not in any of the photos?You know Lee Child? wowee!!! Baltimore Airport knows. Go Underground!

  3. I love your travel posts, so many pics!!

  4. How could I say any less, Alan? It’s true!

    I am only a waving acquaintance of Lee’s, alas, because he’s incredibly gracious to his fans. I’ve never been able to get the stupid timer function to work on my camera….

    Pics are easier than typing.

  5. Mary Featherston says:

    Say, Kat, pursuant to Sandy’s request above for a picture of YOU doing all the fun stuff, I do have a photo of you and Pari in line at Faidley’s. Lemme know if you want it.

  6. I would love to have it, Mary. Could you send it to the site mail? kat(dot)rchrdsn-at-gmail(dot)com?

  7. Mary Featherston says:

    Will do. It’s at home and I’m not but I’ll send it from there.

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