Rising from the Dead… or almost

Taz the ferret has not been a happy camper lately. He has a fun disease, insulinoma, which basically boils down to severe hypoglycemia because he has too much insulin–the opposite of diabetes essentially, but in this case caused by a cancer of the pancreas. Friday he had his first (and we hope only) full-bore seizure and scared me near to death. Up until today we’d been managing his low blood sugar by diet, but that’s now changing. Today both ferrets went to the vet. Dexter for his usual hormone shot against his fun little cancer–adrenaloma–and Taz for a look-see by Dr. Kamaka. Result: Taz will now be taking oral steroids twice a day for life. But he is already responding very well with a lot more energy than he’s had in a month.

So I thought he deserved a new toy.

Unfortunately, when I got the rubber chicken home, I discovered it was no ordinary latex fowl. It’s Count Chickula, the Vampire Chicken!

Poor Taz doesn’t suspect at thing.
Count Chickula lies in wait....

Until Count Chickula attacks!
Count Chickula goes for the throat!

But after a valiant battle, Taz is triumphant and drags the vanquished Vampire Chicken off to the lair of the Octoplay. Count Chickula vanquished

O, pity for Count Chickula! Woe is he!

And laughing is me. Looks like Taz is feeling a bit better already. Kudos to Dr. Kamaka and the staff at the Eastside Avian and Exotic Animal Medical Clinic.

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5 Responses to Rising from the Dead… or almost

  1. Adele says:

    Yay Taz! Good to see him making a come back and once again being the scourge of rubber toys everywhere.

  2. I’m lovin’ that rubber chicken!

  3. Heheh. PetCo has a big selection of “Halloween toys” for pets, including a bunch of different rubber chickens–zombie/mummy chicken, vampire chicken, witch chicken, pirate chicken…. Pretty funny stuff.

    And the chicken makes the loudest, chicken-y noise when squeezed. It’s hilarious!

    (Hey, babe, how’s the book going?)

  4. Toni Kelner says:

    That chicken is a total riot. I was at a pet store yesterday getting guinea pig supplies, and I only wish I’d looked do see if they had one of them there.

    Not for the piggies.

    For me!

  5. In the end, all toys are actually for me… 😉

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