I can haz forum!

My buddy Blue Ninja, from my Thief-gaming days, has started a fan forum for the Greywalker books. Appropriately it’s hosted at an RPG gaming site: Greywalker – CriticalFumble.net Forums. Looks like fun, yes? Go, go! Register! Chat!

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  1. Adele says:

    awesome!!!! RPG’s and fave authors are a perfect combo.

  2. Yeah, I owe BN many kudos for organizing it and another of my fans–Thin Grey Line–equal time for asking about such a thing and offering to help launch one.

    Fans are lovely!

  3. Ethne says:

    Ok, I don’t want to go all crazy fan grrl on you – but I have to say that I am loving Greywalker (I’m a little slow on the uptake.) I just picked it up on Saturday because I have been looking for a new author to read and I wish I didn’t have to work, so I could spend more time actually reading it. Ah well, life is a cruel mistress…

    But now I find that the author of this very cool book (and series) is also a fan of Thief. (Which is one of my all time favorite computer games… except, I didn’t really care for the third one, but at least there is a third one.)

    Have you spent any time over at http://www.ttlg.com?

  4. I used to spend HUGE amounts of time at ttlg.com forums. I’m Strangeblue over there, but I haven’t visited in about a year. I worked on the T2X project.

    I’m glad you’re liking the books–say “hi” to the TTLGers for me! They’re a good bunch of folks.

  5. Ethne says:

    Oh wow! That is way too cool. It was a great campaign – so thanks for the remarkable diversion. COSAS has release the second mission – Mission X – and it is also very good. Just an FYI – if you ever have a spare hour or four.  They are nice people and I will be sure to pass on your greeting.

  6. I decided to drop in and say hi in Comm Chat, since you had reminded me of the lovely insanity. I don’t get over to the game forum much, though. Now I’m on a Mac I can’t even play the old game. 😦

  7. ethne says:

    Apparently, Thief is now playable on Linux.

    If you still have your Linux box, there is someone who is working on creating a loader for it.


    Of course, it also depends on you finding time to play it. 🙂

  8. I’ve played it on a high speed box utilizing WINE. It runs just like a mid-level MS box, since WINE eats a few cycles emulating Windows. Sadly, I don’t have time to clean my house (which is smaller than most people’s bedrooms) so I don’t think I’ll get to try this for a while.

    I really loved that game, though. T2 was cool, but I thought T3 was a pretty lousy game over all. Porting backward to the PC really screwed up the controls, which was a problem with DX2 as well (not to mention the HUD.)

  9. Ethne says:

    Agreed… I will be interested to see whether or not Eidos Toronto will learn from that mistake and make DX3 more like DX1.

    I didn’t know that about WINE – thanks for the info. I just know that I would like to play TDP again (it won’t run on my PC – even with all the patches and updates.)

  10. good heavens I’ve been out of touch! I didn’t know they were planning a DX3!

    I’ll hope with you that Eidos gets it right this time.

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