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Two to Go…

Just two days until the release! OMG! Meanwhile, the folks at Ferrets Anonymous in California have redesigned and relaunched their website after several years of neglect–here’s hoping it’s a sign of coming positive change for ferrets in California. Advertisements

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Grammar Crackers

A friend sent me this. It cracks me up (click to see it in its large glory)! And–my god! It’s only three days until Book Day! (Although I’m informed by the marvelous Joshua Palmatier that he’s already spotted Underground at … Continue reading

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Large Particle Physics: Keepin it real, makin it fresh

This is making me laugh my physics-groupie ass off. It appears a few physics freaks at Cern have made the CERN Rap on Vimeo–a cheesey and delightful bit of silliness explaining the large hadron collider and basic particle physics in … Continue reading

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It’s coming…

I can’t believe Underground is coming out in just four days… eeeeeeee….

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Schwag report #1

Argh! After much phone calling, I’m told that the squeeze lights will arrive on Tuesday in time for the first book signing and University Bookstore, but the notebooks are back-ordered and will be delayed. Makes me grumpy, but the notebooks … Continue reading

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