Oh No

The Headache is back. Ugh. I feel dizzy today. This is Not Good. Luckily, I have an appointment with my doctor in 2 weeks.

And I have exactly 4 squeezy lights left after the tour, though I’m thinking of making more for Bouchercon. What do you think? More Squeezy lights or not?

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7 Responses to Oh No

  1. Jon Jordan says:

    More squeezy lights please.

  2. Elaine says:

    Sorry you’re feeling bad. Heck of thing when you’ve got so much going on. Hope you feel better quickly.

    Saw “Underground” at B&N last night. Beautiful cover. How did they get that sheen thing happening? It’s quite nice. Kinda holographic. A photograph just can’t show it.

  3. OK: 100 more squeezy lights have been ordered.

    Killed off the headache by the questionable application of hydrocodone–not something I enjoy–and a LOT of decongestants. Feeling fine today, if a bit stuffy-nosed. Things finally slowing down enough to get some work done on the next book. Everything else may have to wait a bit longer….

    Ah, the cover… yes, they printed it on a copper-foil paper so the light strikes through the inks and reflects back. When they said “foil” I assumed they meant “hot foil”–the really shiny stuff that some covers put on the lettering, or the way the ring in the iris was highlighted on Stephanie Meyers’ THE HOST covder. I was NOT expecting full background foil. It’s a really cool effect, though.

  4. -V- says:

    Glad the headache was killed off. Squeezy lights sound cool.
    Thank you for such a great new-to-me series. In the last couple of weeks I read GREYWALKER and POLTERGEIST back to back and I never do that. Read them like this because, one, they were so good and, two, because a good friend loaned them to me and she would like them back ASAP for her keeper shelf. Now to go out and get them for MY keeper shelf….

  5. I’m pleased you enjoyed them so much! Thanks to you and to your friend for recommending them.

  6. Adele says:

    yay for more squeezy lights! When are you coming back across to the UK hmm?

  7. I wish I could say “tomorrow!” but alas, I’m not sure.

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