A Very Mixed Day

So this being one of my free days at home before I go off to Minnesota, I had a lot of things to do. First a trip to the vet for annual Ferret exams which were… mixed.

Dexter, the nine-year-old ferret with adrenal disease, is losing his fur because we’re heading for the long, drawn-out end. Guesstimate: six months or so, but he’s a hell of a happy fella in the meantime. How can you complain about that? (Aside from the complications of missing his litter box constantly.) Sadly his companion, Taz, has gone quietly blind and, while he’s only six this December, he has the condition of an eight-year-old ferret. A pretty healthy eight-year-old ferret, but an old ferret nonetheless. Considering that they only live to be ten or so, this is bad. We love them both very much, but the unvarnished truth is they probably won’t be with us another year. Sad as it is and heartless as it sounds, I’ve put my upset over it aside for the time being since there’s nothing I can do and a lot of other things I need to do right now.

So there’s the bad news and I had to rush home to catch a call from a radio interviewer from the Minn/St.Paul area. Good interview after a few technical problems and it’ll be airing on KFAI in the Minn/St. Paul area on Thursday sometime between 11 am and 1 pm. About 6-8 hours before my appearance at the Roseville B&N.

And after that a quick Happy Hour with a friend, catching up on the gossip, phone calls to other friends, settling contracts for an MWA event in October here in Seattle, then swooping home again to rustle up dinner for Jim–pizza and salad, sorry. Meanwhile, I’ve had to ask for a deadline extension on the novel to the end of October, since the tour and all have kind of knocked my productivity down, but it’ll get done–it always does.

Then it began to rain and I had to fetch said pizza with a plastic bag over it to protect it on the 800′ walk from the gate back to the boat. When I sat back down to work, something went “plop.” Not only was it raining outside, it was raining inside. But only right next to me.

It seems that while I was in Denver, Mr. Kat got the bug to install a new vent in the main cabin roof. He carefully removed the old, tiny vent… but got no further due to a lack of tools. So the hole–a mere two inches in diameter and surrounded by four smaller bolt holes–happily vented to the free air. Or in this case, the free water. Which was dribbling down it from the boom above the hole. And splashing me. I tried to cover it with some aluminum foil and tape, but the tape wasn’t sticking and I couldn’t find the duct tape.

Eventually Mr. Kat found said tape and has now fixed the hole for the time being. If the weather dries up over the weekend, I suspect we’ll find some tools and finish the job but in the meantime, I’m hoping the tape holds.

And the ferrets hold on.

Strange day, eh?

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5 Responses to A Very Mixed Day

  1. Adele says:

    I’m sorry about the ferretts, it’s always rough.

  2. It’s the price you pay for having their companionship and love for a while–eventually they have to leave.

  3. Jenna says:

    I’m sorry to hear about the ferrets’ health concerns. As the creatures with opposable thumbs, the best we can do is give our pets all the love, care and comfort they deserve.

    Now I just need to remember that when one of my beasts thinks I need to wake up at 4:00 am.

  4. Yeah… that 4 a.m. thing really sucks.

  5. Adele says:

    Yup, and the longer they live the more used to them you are ad the harder it is. Sucks. I think your ferrets get pretty good life tho.

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