Sunday and Monday Still on Tour

So Sunday I headed to several other bookstores before zooming down to Huntington Beach to hang out at the Barnes & Nobel in the Bella Terra center. The area’s really changed since I used to hang out there with my boyfriend back in the late 80s. The center’s very colorful and upscale and full of interesting-looking things I never did get to look at.

The event went well. Jeanne, the CRM, was terrific and set up a wonderful area to chat in. Here she is doing some last minute arraging as the audience waits patiently.
Jeanne preps the event area
The YAs in the back were annoyed that I kept talking since they were busily using the bookstore’s resources as a library to compose some kind of report or such paperwork. Tough beans, kids.

Aside from them, the event was pretty good, Me, talking... and looking pudgy though I suddenly noticed just how pudgy I’ve gotten from sitting so much and walking so little. bleh… However very cool fans make me forget that I’ve been neglecting the gym far too long.
Fabulous fan whose name I've forgotten--bad kat...
It was all tons of fun and I met so many great people and have been generally treated like a princess. Which is extra cool.
And when I was done at Bella Terra, I was whisked away to John Wayne Airport for a flight home, where I am still recuperating from the past four days before trotting off again for Roseville MN Thursday.

Today I checked the mail and got one more fabulous present:

Click to see the Polish and German Covers larger

Click to see the Polish and German Covers larger

Yup, more foreign language editions! These are the Polish (left) and German (right) editions. The Polish has a slight gloss over the figure of Harper which causes that odd white line on the photo from the flash and the German is a lot different from the version we saw online several months ago, but it’s very cool, nonetheless! They are also really thick. The skulls on the cover of the Polish edition repeat at the top of each chapter heading and the German edition has an ad for Poltergeist in the back with a matching cover in which the eye is gold to match the type, as the eye in this version is red. I’m very pleased!

And my husband’s first comment on seeing them? “Oh cool! She doesn’t have her finger on the trigger!” Men….

I just wish I could remember my German well enough to read the one. Since I don’t know Polish, I’m out of luck on that one.

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9 Responses to Sunday and Monday Still on Tour

  1. Judy Pederson says:

    Hi Kat,
    I was at the book signing at Bella Terra and wanted to thank you for coming. It was such a pleasure to meet you. I am looking forward to seeing you again next year when the next book comes out – please come back. I love the German and Polish covers – that’s really cool.

  2. Judy! I was great meeting you. I loved chatting about the horses. I hope I get to come back next year and hear what happens next to you, too.

  3. Elizabeth Rose says:

    Judy is the gal with the short blonde hair in the picture with Kat. she teaches 9th grade in Huntington Beach. Good luck with your own writing Judy!! Hope the kids in class really like the books!

  4. Awesome covers!! The german one is very goth and the polish one makes me think of russian spy novels. 🙂

  5. Dave says:

    Not directly related to this post, I guess, but I have to say that I’ve really enjoyed reading your blog over the past couple of months. I thoroughly enjoyed your write-up of your London trip. The animal-print robe post gave me a good chuckle too.

    Thanks for sharing, and I look forward to more. 😎

  6. Oh no! I’m so asleep: I got Judy confused with the lady with the red hair who works with the horses at Los Alamitos! Forgive me–I’m still kind of dazed.

    I like the blogging but I have to admit I sometimes don’t get to it because I’m spending my creative and writing time on the books. I used to be funnier, too…. 😉

  7. Anyone else had a momentary misread of the Polish title as GREYWACKER, due to a fusion of the a lighter patch of background with the text?

    You know, when you get translated into Czech they’ll sling an ‘ova’ onto the end of your name to be gender indicative. Which is why Czech versions of Harry Potter are credited to J.K. Rowlingova…. (oddly, Danielle Steele didn’t get the ova ending)

  8. David Bara says:

    LOL Rik! I thought the same thing! I was thinking maybe it was peculiar Polish spelling thing!

    “Underground- A Greywacker Novel”

    Doesn’t quite have the same ring!


  9. Hehehe… luckily it’s more obvious in person. Don’t you just love the flash effect?

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