One Author, Two Days

Friday I headed to San Francisco, which was fabulous–I love this city. My escort, Frank Lauria, met me at the airport and things were pretty non-stop from there. We went to Borderlands to sign books for the fabulous Alan and Jude, then to a few other shops the particulars of which have already slipped out of my mind. A quick drop off at my hotel, a small sandwich and then I was off to my big signing at the Borders on Union Square. Which at first looked like a bust–only one guy! but the staff made an announcement and within minutes I had an audience of about 8 people. We chatted about a lot of bookish stuff and I signed books–including a lot of stock.

Then we hooked up with fellow writer Dana Fredsti and her magnificent beau, David, and carried on to the Cortez restaurant for wine and “small plates.” Dana had the crab cake. Or should I say “Crabby cake?” Looks kind of grumpy to me….

the crabby cake

the crabby cake

Afterward, I was escorted back to my elegant old hotel, the Serrano, which has a really gorgeous lobby, and staggered off to bed so I could get up at 6 for my flight to San Diego.

Now… I must complain. United Airlines or possibly SFO is so very fucked up at this particular location that I had to wait in 3 different lines just to check in, drop my bag and get through security. I barely made it to my with 10 minutes to spare, even though I arrived with 1 hour and 40 minutes to do it in. Yuck! Boooo.

Anyhow, I spotted Caitlin’s book on the shelves of the Compass Bookstore in the terminal as I scooted past–yay, Caitlin!–and scampered on my way to be shoehorned into a coach seat to San Diego.

Where I was met by Larry Lewis who whisked me away to so many bookstores I lost count and showed me the revitalized downtown of SD as well as the now-magnificent Balboa Theater. It was fabulous! And I forgot to take pics…. 😦

We had a lovely Chinese lunch and then popped into Mysterious Galaxy for the big signing, which went great. It’s a tiny store, but the audience–which included my old friend Andrew (Blue Ninja) from my gaming days and my even older friends the Gassners–was small but fun and the staff was wonderful. Another place I’d love to return to.

Then I hopped into a car and was driven to Huntington Beach by a charming driver named John. My sister dropped in right after I arrived and we had dinner and… went to a bookstore where I signed stock.

She also gave me a bat puppet! Have I mentioned I love bats?

Bats are Cool!

Bats are Cool!

Now I just have to get to the rest of the bookstores and hit my major signing at the Huntington Beach Barnes and Noble and I’ll be done for a few days.

Well, except for the copyedits on the MEAN STREETS novella and the rest of the novel that’s due Oct 1…

Oh yeah: and the signing in Roseville MN on the 21st. Busy busy….

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4 Responses to One Author, Two Days

  1. Elaine says:

    Sisters are cool too! I have a cool daughter who buys me stuff like that sometimes. ‘swonderful. Okay, okay. I have two cool sons, also. One of them is very Mom savvy and the other has a wicked sense of humor.

    What a nice break for you during your whirlwind tour. Travel safely!

  2. Hehe. Thanks Elaine.

  3. Geoff says:

    You said that you got pudgy? I don’t see it. I think that you look very thin. Maybe it’s just me, but there doesn’t seem to bean extra ounce of fat on you.


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