Portland has Wild Animals!

Or at least wild authors in robes.

So Richelle and I set off for Portland today and things went very well. Lots of chat on the train, great interview for me with Ed Goldberg at KBOO, drop-ins at nice bookstores with lots of our books and then… a really lovely signing event at Powell’s in Beaverton where Evil Peter and the crew made us very welcome and we signed a good number of books–about a dozen or so each–and had a very good time.

Then we had some drinks and nosh with friends of Richelle’s and finally back to the hotel where we discover… animal print robes!

Richelle is charming as a zebra

The rare and exotic Richelle Zebra

The rare and exotic Richelle Zebra

While I opt for leopard

Leopard becomes me, no?

Leopard becomes me, no?

Friday our idyll in animal robes will end. Richelle will return to Seattle while I’m off to San Francisco for another signing at the Borders on Union Square (Post Ave). Can’t possibly be as “wild” as this.


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4 Responses to Portland has Wild Animals!

  1. Adele says:

    great robes and i’m not sure a sentence that begind “evil Peter made us” sounds right ending in “very welcome” I was expecting something like “choose a planet to be destroyed by his death ray”. 😉

  2. Elaine says:

    Very cool hotel! Lucky you!

  3. Sandy says:

    Oh, wow, you both look, well, WOOT to use a term stolen from my fav Seattle daughter-in-law! I do have two others you know, so…. Thanks again for squeezeys and UK gift with it. I am so spoiled, I love it!!

  4. Dave Bara says:

    You both look very becoming.


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