How I Spent My Tuesday (and Wednesday)

On Tuesday, I got to go to Seattle Mystery Bookshop, which is one of my favorite specialty stores, and sign books. The store wasn’t very busy since it was a Tuesday at lunch time, but a few books did sell and I signed a huge pile of all three books. Here am I down to just the Underground copies.

Mmm... boooookssss...

Mmm... boooookssss...

Fran and the crew were great as always and my friends Nan and Jessie dropped in, too.

The really cool surprise was a visit by Rick Boetel, the Historian at the Underground Tour nearby who helped me with a lot of the research about the Underground and the era of its construction. Rick was very pleased with the descriptions and the details which was a huge relief to me, since I had lost touch with him and didn’t know if I’d done it well. I’m pleased beyond expression that Rick and the Underground folks are happy with it. I also got a note from a fan who happens to be a vet who once worked for the homeless and low-income pet clinic in the area and she, too, thought I’d done a good job, so I’m utterly over the moon about all of that. Thanks you guys!

Afterward, Nan and I had lunch, then I popped home to do some paperwork and write last night’s huge post. Today has been full of last minute things, like…

Fixing the cell phone. Again.

As you know, things were imperfect at last report on the cell phone front. Having replaced the ancient Motorola with a slick and shiny red Samsung slider, I was really annoyed that the phone worked only intermittantly and the best help the critters at Radio Shack could give me was to suggest I pull the battery and card periodically to force it to reset and replace the phone with another unit when I got back to Seattle. After quite a bit of discussion and study by the amazing Mr. Kat, the consensus was that while the phone might have issues, the real problem was most likely the five or six year-old SIM card.

So along with shipping off a book to Derek Tatum, a squeezy to a friend who really needs one to keep monsters at bay, and a postcard to a fan, I stopped by Radio Shack and got pretty much nowhere. Finally I trotted across the street to the AT&T store where they took a look at the SIM card and the battery and declared the SIM card toast. They copied the info to a new one–which was not so easy considering the grilled-bread quality of the original card (which still read “Cingular!” on it) and replaced it after making some updates to my account information that would stop the cell sites from being confuzzled–apparently their sites are a bit on the nervous side and don’t like to see unexpected Samsungs playing guerrilla Motorola.

So as of now the phone seems OK. We’ll see how well it performs while I’m out of town.

Meanwhile, a ton of paperwork, a haircut (no, not that drastic, just enough to remove the lower four inches of craptacular split ends), ferret stuff, and a half-ton of laundry later, I think I’m ready to go on the morrow.

So in the early (but not the O-Fuck Early) I shall scoop up Richelle and we shall repair to the train station for a leisurely Amtrak to Portlandia (during which ride I need to write like a demon to catch up a bit) where we shall run about like insane creatures to local bookstores and to the offices of KBOO–where I shall be interviewed–and then off to Powell’s in Beaverton to sign books and make merry afterward! Yay!

Then I shall carry on on my own to San Francisco, San Diego, and Huntington Beach before a short stop at home and then the final stop: Roseville MN!

Onward! I still have squeezy lights to give away.


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