My Own Personal Grey

Home Again… for a few days


I’m finally home from WorldCon. Unlike many friends, I seem to have had a perfectly ordinary flight home. And the very long weekend was fabulous with many thanks to Mario Acevedo, Warren Hammond, Richard Foss, Jeremy Lassen and Alan Beatts who all contributed to the deliquency of this writer. I’ll write more when I’ve caught up to a few things, like…

Signing at Seattle Mystery Bookshop tomorrow at Noon!


And gave away 94 squeezy lights at the con

And need to do the laundry and re-pack so I can do the rest of the tour, which kicks into High Gear on Thursday with a trip to Portlandia with the gorgeous Richelle. W00t! More soon, I promise!

Including dead animal heads!

oh yeah: Underground made #4 on the B&N SF hardcover list.