The release went pretty well, it appears. Nice crowd, though I have to admit is was largely Richelle’s doing, since I, like a dingbat, forgot the send invites to anyone for the signing. D’oh! I did particularly miss someone, though–my Minion, Thing One, who didn’t show up this time and I haven’t heard from her in a while (and naturally I’ve lost her card). If you’re out there, Maia, please drop me a line.

I’m off to Denver very early tomorrow and not sure if I’ll get around to updates, but I’ll try. And not I have to go to bed so I can catch a plane horrible early…. If Jim took any pics of the signing I’ll try to get him to show them to me so I can show them to you.


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9 Responses to Launched

  1. Still not arrived at waterstones although it was supposed to hit the shelves today. Grumble grumble.

  2. woohoo, got it! Can’t wait to get home and read it!

  3. SYnde says:

    When I went into the store I looked for your book, its right up front on the new arrival table and on the team seattle endcap and on the new releases armoire. Losta places.

  4. Oh good. Plainly… I am just blind. Thanks Synde.

  5. Sandy says:

    aw, shucks… I am so touched, my grateful thanks and my 88 year old Mothers’ awe and pride filled look when she saw Livengood in your book was priceless…

  6. *grin* so glad she was pleased, and you too!

  7. Adele says:

    Underground is awesome!! loved it. When’s the next one. 😉

  8. izzybella says:

    I just discovered your books while browsing through the bookstore last Friday. I blew through the first one in one day and and went back for the second the day after. Only when I started in on the second, there was a printing error. It went from page 54 straight to page 119! It was confusing for a bit till I figured it out. I tried to exchange it at the bookstore, only all of the stock was kind of goofy like that. Now I’m on pins and needles till they get a new shipment.

    Can I just say very frustrating?! I want to know what happens!! Also, I’m using way too many exclamation marks… You are a very good writer. As soon as I can get my hands on a full version of Poltergiest, I’ll be buying the next one in the series.

  9. Oh my… that problem has been encountered before. It showed up in part of the second printing of Poltergeist and, ironically, a similar problem cropped up in the UK version. Do take it back, order a new one. I can’t do much about it, since it’s a bindery error, but if the publisher and shops know there is a problem, they will pester the binder to fix it and make new copies. If they don’t know, then nothing will happen.

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