Very Nearly It!

This is It! Or very nearly. Tomorrow is Book Launch day for Underground! W00t!

Today I saw my very first ever copy of the actual book in the wild, as it were. I still don’t have my author copies, but I dropped in to Seattle Mystery Bookshop to sign some stock for mail orders and there it was! Contrary to what I’d expected, the entire cover was foil, not just the name! Unfortunately, I didn’t get to keep one, but I saw them and they are Purty! For you collectin’ types here’s a tip: I always sign pre-release things in a particular ink, so if you want to get something really unusual for your Kat collection, get in touch with Seattle Mystery and snag up one of their pre-release signed copies. I didn’t sign a ton of them, so it’s guaranteed to be a limited offer.

And on another happy note, the IRS finally decided I was a good girl and gave me a check for that economic stimulous thingy. Which shall ever after be known as Alcoholic Stimulous in my mind, since I figure it’s all going to the bar at WorldCon this week!

Also I got the famous squeezy lights, finally! The notebooks are back ordered, but the Underground swag is here and I’ll be taking it with me to Denver and on tour! Yay! Here’s a picture of the little light (it comes on a keychain ring):

The Underground squeezy light

The Underground squeezy light

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6 Responses to Very Nearly It!

  1. Already reserved my copy at Waterstones. Love the little lights!!

  2. You don’t deliver the little lights, do you?

    [Carol used to have a brass lighthouseon a key ring but that succumbed to design flaws and being dropped repeatedly, and now she’s having to make do with one from the Florence Nightingale Museum, which, bizarrely, is not in the shape of a hospital lantern. I reckon they missed a trick there, but, then they seemed as surprised as MOHAI to actually have visitors…]

  3. If I have any left when I get home from the tour, I’ll mail them out to friends. I’ll be done after August 22, so remind me then. I’d love to send you one.

  4. i would love some of your goodies, do we SASE for some?

  5. Hurrah! I now have a scribble which I already can’t read on my calendar…

  6. When I’m done with the tour and know how many squeezies I have, then yes, SASEs will be accepted. Hang on to them until then.

    I have to warn you, the squeezies are thick enough that they are considered “small packages” so they are a bit more expensive than a regular envelope, although they fit in one fine.

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