My Own Personal Grey

Rain, rain, go away…


come again some other day.
Today’s my anniversary day,
so, just for now, please go away!

Back when we were planning the wedding, I carefully researched the weather almanac to discover which days had the lowest incidence of rain in recorded history for Seattle. July 29th was #3–it had only rained twice on July 29th since people started keeping track of that stuff. Make that three times, now. Because today, it’s been raining off and on all day. It was quite nice on our wedding–which was good since it occurred outside. Even though it had rained like the Dickens for two days before and we worried the ground would be too muddy, in the end it was OK and I didn’t get mud on my white shoes. I’d post a photo of me in my thin glory with long blonde hair and short white dress, but… while I still have the dress in storage, I have misplaced the photos. At least I haven’t misplaced the groom, and in spite of foolishly leaving my wedding ring in washrooms many times, I still have that, too.

But, no, we won’t be celebrating #14 in the great out of doors, so I don’t suppose it matters that it’s a bit moist today. No, we’ll be dining and then hopping off to see The Dark Knight–which is appropriate since our first official date was to the movies. Jim won’t tell me where we’re having dinner though… hmmm….