My Own Personal Grey

GoogleMap is my friend and so is the UK


I’ve been working out the scenes for Book 4 in which Harper deals with her mother (the horrid) and takes a look at her old home town. Which has changed a bit since I last spent any time out there. Potential for Mary Sueism here, since I also grew up in LA County in a middle class suburb (though one far smaller, more liberal, and a lot farther east.) Luckily, GoogleMap came to my rescue with the jolly satellite feature so I could jog my memory and not write about my own home town because my mind went totally blank on anyplace in So Cal that wasn’t either Long Beach or Claremont.

Harper’s from Glendale and if you’re from Glendale you know how much it’s not like either Long Beach or Claremont. Of course, when you read the book, you’ll also know just how much I’m faking it… (or am I?)

And oh yeah: My copies of the UK edition arrived today. It’s more purple than the test version–which was a dark indigo primarily–and the detail print is a sort of hot pink that is quite a bit more legible than the pic below, which isn’t a perfect reproduction of the actual print. And there is no sneakily encroaching Chrysler Building having a bicoastal affair with the Space Needle anymore. The other rather interesting thing is that this cover uses an actual view rather than a composite. If you get up on the southeast slope of Queen Anne hill, about where Kerry Park is, and look down to the southeast, you’ll see exactly what Harper is standing in front of. The distance is a little off–Kerry’s not that close to the needle–but the view is terrific.

Now the only remaining big challenge is to get the artists to keep her finger off the trigger….