My Own Personal Grey



World Building 101–as the program called it–went smashingly! The crowd (about 24 which is great for a last-minute class) plus some observers and a few people who had to dive out for appointments with agents and editors, was enthusiastic, once we got them warmed up and they seemed to have a great time making up their worlds on the spot. Some really ingenious ideas came out and everyone seemed to walk away pleased that they came. We did!

And here we are, Team Seattle, in our little workshop room (photo care of MWA Northwest Newsletter editor Dave Bara):

From Left to Right: Richelle Mead, Caitlin Kittredge, Cherie Priest, me, and Mark Henry, who was our “Vanna White” and wrote down the strategy and development prompts as we went.

Loads of fun were had (except for the fish dinner afterward, but that’s another story.) And the MWA table did very well with collecting names and new members and giving away nifty lanyards and books. We must do it again!

Score for me: I met the fabulously funny Heather Osborn from Tor afterward–she’s a gas! So a great pay off for the stress of last week. Yay!

Oh yeah: Dave pointed out that the ladies of Team Seattle have great taste in shoes (well… except for me, cause Mark and I were both wearing sneakers.) Caitlin has the coolest Pink pumps ever!